No More Patches For Windows 7 & 8

No more security patches  for Windows 7 & 8. Better upgrade to Windows 10 and it is free.

Upgrade is very easy and if you dislike Windows 10 .Can always do a downgrade before 28 days .But make sure you do not delete the backup Windows 7 or 8 files .

Read all these articles , it is all over internet .

Below is the link for more information on upgrade to Windows 10 .

Major Update to Windows 10 Version 1511 Nov 2015

There is a new major update to Windows 10 . The update is about 3GB .Make sure you have a fast connection and unmetered connection before you upgrade .Especially if you are using mobile broadband .

If you have just upgrade to Windows 10 less than 31 days ago.Please wait .Looks like you cannot go back to previous version of windows if you upgrade to this update . So hold back first as the update will not appear for you.

I tried the update for my tablet .But it was stopped halfway for no reason .I click “Check for updates” but the update does not appear again . Most likely I have to wait .

Go to Microsoft blog to see what are the changes .

First Major Update for Windows 10 Available Today

Windows 10 Version 1511 is a Scam Site

One of Facebook friend did a Ray-Ban product purchase on the site  and there were no confirmation and goods not delivered . And website was was malware site .Those whom have access this website .Please scan your pc using a god antivirus . Report to the bank on your credit card usage .Your credit card details could have been stolen and used for other purchases elsewhere.


















I tried to surf the website but was detected as malware site by Panda Antivirus .

Panda Antivirus









Free Anti-Spam by Cloudmarkdesktop

I was looking for desktop anti-spam software as  I receive lots of spam on my Outlook . Managed to browse and found . I discovered many anti-spam on the market were with  integrated with antivirus or older  version for Outlook 2010 .

Just click on “Upgrade To Pro ”











And it is free for a year .








Faster before the free subscription to Pro version stops.