Panasonic Vegetable Veggie Life

No joke when you see the title . Not electronic products . Not artificial food .Not pills .

Panasonic do grow vegetables . I saw advertisement on TV of Pornsak.

Decided to look for it . I went to my favorite supermarket

Meidi-Ya  , the place where I source for my cooking ingredients from Japan every weekend .But I could not find it there . Disappointed , I can find my Japan imported fish , meat , vegetable and fruits .But no Panasonic vegetables ?

Decided to try at  Emporium Shokuhin and I found it .Nicely packed .Looks fresh .I tried it , taste like artificial vegetables to me.Or is it me mentally prepared that it is from a indoor farm ? Uses chemical to grow rather than soil ? I really dislike it .Anyway , I do not like to eat vegetables .


Lets watch some video from Panasonic on their indoor farm in Singapore.