No More Patches For Windows 7 & 8

No more security patches  for Windows 7 & 8. Better upgrade to Windows 10 and it is free.

Upgrade is very easy and if you dislike Windows 10 .Can always do a downgrade before 28 days .But make sure you do not delete the backup Windows 7 or 8 files .

Read all these articles , it is all over internet .

Below is the link for more information on upgrade to Windows 10 .

Panasonic Vegetable Veggie Life

No joke when you see the title . Not electronic products . Not artificial food .Not pills .

Panasonic do grow vegetables . I saw advertisement on TV of Pornsak.

Decided to look for it . I went to my favorite supermarket

Meidi-Ya  , the place where I source for my cooking ingredients from Japan every weekend .But I could not find it there . Disappointed , I can find my Japan imported fish , meat , vegetable and fruits .But no Panasonic vegetables ?

Decided to try at  Emporium Shokuhin and I found it .Nicely packed .Looks fresh .I tried it , taste like artificial vegetables to me.Or is it me mentally prepared that it is from a indoor farm ? Uses chemical to grow rather than soil ? I really dislike it .Anyway , I do not like to eat vegetables .


Lets watch some video from Panasonic on their indoor farm in Singapore.


Major Update to Windows 10 Version 1511 Nov 2015

There is a new major update to Windows 10 . The update is about 3GB .Make sure you have a fast connection and unmetered connection before you upgrade .Especially if you are using mobile broadband .

If you have just upgrade to Windows 10 less than 31 days ago.Please wait .Looks like you cannot go back to previous version of windows if you upgrade to this update . So hold back first as the update will not appear for you.

I tried the update for my tablet .But it was stopped halfway for no reason .I click “Check for updates” but the update does not appear again . Most likely I have to wait .

Go to Microsoft blog to see what are the changes .

First Major Update for Windows 10 Available Today

Windows 10 Version 1511

Pfingo Free Call to Singapore plus 20 minutes Free Global Call .

Pfingo is giving free calls using their apps ( Sorry , only for Android phone users) . Free unlimited calls to Singapore plus 20 minutes global call . You can use it anywhere oversea and call back Singapore .As long as there you have a stable internet connection. Try it next time when you travel .Save on roaming and expensive paid international call.

See my screenshoots below. Click on the links to download the apps on Google Play. Visit their website for more information

Screen Shot 11-09-15 at 03.38 PM

Screen Shot 11-09-15 at 03.31 PM 001 Screen Shot 11-09-15 at 03.31 PM