I received the Windows 10 Upgrade notice on my Windows 8.1 PC

Did you see this iconScreenShot014 at right bottom corner of your computer ? It is not an virus or malware .But I believe soon there will be malware doing that .

Click on it and you will see this screen .








Click on ” Reserve your free upgrade ” .ScreenShot009





Enter your email and click ” Send confirmation ” .And wait for your email .

If you wanted to read more about Windows 10 . Can see the pictures below.




















http://www.rb-australia.com is a Scam Site

One of Facebook friend did a Ray-Ban product purchase on the site http://www.rb-australia.com  and there were no confirmation and goods not delivered . And website was was malware site .Those whom have access this website .Please scan your pc using a god antivirus . Report to the bank on your credit card usage .Your credit card details could have been stolen and used for other purchases elsewhere.


















I tried to surf the website but was detected as malware site by Panda Antivirus .

Panda Antivirus









My favorite Feng Shui Master , Master Lynn Yap, Fengshui Queen Prediction 2015.

I read her prediction every year .My home and office feng shui all review  by her .Get her to review my feng shui almost yearly .She predicted moving of my small office on 3rd floor of Jalan Besar Plaza 3 years ago .I moved to 2th floor with a much bigger office due to unforeseen circumstances .Predicted my wife ‘s blood disaster in 2015. And it  happen early this Feb . Some prediction for me ,good ones hoped to happen , bad one please stay away from me . Investor take note . The slide below has hit almost 67,000 . I have also download the slide and place here . Master Lynn Yap, Fengshui Queen Prediction 2015

Free Anti-Spam by Cloudmarkdesktop

I was looking for desktop anti-spam software as  I receive lots of spam on my Outlook . Managed to browse and found . I discovered many anti-spam on the market were with  integrated with antivirus or older  version for Outlook 2010 .


Just click on “Upgrade To Pro ”











And it is free for a year .








Faster before the free subscription to Pro version stops.